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Pushing the Limits

As the world's population continues to grow it is extremely important that the construction industry stays on the leading edge of new technology. Bringing drones into your day-to-day operations can help you lower costs and increase productivity. Whether you are a site supervisor, superintendent, or private contractor our drone services can help you. Oftentimes construction projects take 20% longer than intended and cost 80% more than the budget allows for. Using unmanned aerial vehicles will save you thousands of dollars.

Get updated data within hours of making the call to help you make informed decisions and collaborate with co-workers or employees. Site progress monitoring may also be of interest to you. Having periodic data to fall back on in case of legal challenges can make the difference. Being able to provide evidence will clear you in case of any trouble. We all know that construction sites are very busy with site managers having lots to keep track of. An up-to-date map will help you save time as you can see progress in near real time and collaborate with teams on the ground to clear the next step in the construction process, or point out things that need to change. Professional photography and videography also make for excellent social media content, or maybe to add to your portfolio online.

A company in Norway has found that they save $10,000 by using a drone to map a 3 mile section of road that was under construction.

Drone Zone is ready to help at a moments notice. We offer same day turn-around for urgent projects and guarantee quality. Having a professional team to come out will save you the time and hassle of assembling your own pilot network and training them. 

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