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The agricultural side of the drone industry is expected to grow to over $35 Billion over the next years. Drones are incredibly useful to farmers by providing crucial data stand counts, plant health, and yield estimates. Farmers across the globe have seen benefits like a 52% decrease in chemical use on soybean fields and $12 ROI per acre of corn. At Drone Zone it is our mission to help you achieve better efficiency and grow high-yielding crops consistently. 

Using specialized sensors we can collect data and put together a map to show plant health. You will be able to see all areas that are doing well but also areas that may need special attention. These poor plants may be suffering from drought, nutrient deficiency, or stressed from a natural event, like hail. Our maps can be shared very easily with your agronomist or ag advisor. We also can provide prescription maps for herbicide or pesticide application. In many cases these maps can be uploaded directly to the computer of your sprayer and it will automatically adjust the rate of each nozzle to hit the poor spots with more and apply less to healthy plants. By doing this you can drastically reduce the amount of chemical you need, and save a significant amount of money.

Drone Zone is also equipped to perform grain bin and leg inspections. Instead of sending a hired hand up the leg to look for damage such as holes or corrosion, we can come out and in less than an hour have a digital replica for you to study to your hearts content. One company has found that on average using a drone saved them $9000 per bin site and reduced the survey time from 7 days to less than 1 day.

As time progresses aerial technology will continue to evolve. We will see huge bounds toward more precision agriculture, and it's our goal at Drone Zone to be at the forefront of this highly precise way to farm. We will continue to provide accurate data so you can get more done in less time, all while saving money. In the future our team hopes to integrate spraying drones into their fleet and offer the complete ag solution to farmers all over North America.


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